A Long Awaited Pilgrimage

To the devout believer, few things in life pose greater meaning than “the pilgrimage”. As a self proclaimed connoisseur of all things malt, I had my chance at enlightenment last year at the Dewer’s Aberfeldy Distillery. A small insight to my experience.

Whisky And Food – Chocolate

Chocolate is a notoriously difficult food to pair. Whisky steps up to the challenge, however, and manages to create quite an amazing experience.

Blended Part II – The Kings

We end our segment on blended whisky by exploring the three biggest names in the business – Johnnie Walker, Dewars, and Chivas.

Blended Part I – Mythbusting

Blended whisky… It may have a very shady reputation, but it has undoubtedly left a footprint on the global whisky scene.


Old No. 7, perhaps the most iconic Bourbon of all time. Witness its story, from humble origins to a whisky super-giant.


The next installment in the whisky and food pairing segment – the fundamentals on flavour pairing and balance.

Whisky & Food – Part I

Is whiskey and food pairing really a thing? More so than you would think. Here are a few FAQs regarding it. Click to know more…

Beyond The Blend

What is Whisky made From? How is it made? What is Single Malt? Ice, Neat or Water? What is Peat? All this and more here…

Flavour Camps Of Whisky

Ever wonder what kind of whisky you might like? Or what flavours can be identified? Even which bottle to try next? This is a quick guide just to do that.