Wine 101 – Types of Wines

We’re back with another segment of the Wine 101 series. This week, the many different kinds of wine, and how to tell them apart. Read till the end for a special announcement. 🙂

Wine 101 – Exploring the How

Knowing how wine is made is the first step in beginning to appreciate it.
Read on to find out how a humble grape can produce something so beautiful.

Wine 101 – Exploring the When

From it’s original conception and distribution around the world in 6,000 B.C., to its threat of complete extinction from a mysterious foe in the late 19th Century, wine has come a long, long way.

Which is the right wine for you? Part 1

Finding the right wine to suit your preference is actually a lot less complicated than it looks. Read on to know what flavour elements you will find in your wine, and what they mean on your palate.

Older isn’t Always Better

Wine improves with age, right? Some do, most don’t. Unfortunately, only certain high quality wines age as well as Jennifer Aniston, the rest end up more or less like Lindsay Lohan.